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Connect Communicate & Collaborate With Microsoft SharePoint Team Sites

Empower your employees, teams and organization to intelligently discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere on any device. All without the hassle of merging multiple copies of the same document. This is just a few of the benefits from letting YouNoWeNo setup your SharePoint Team Site.

Teamwork divides the task
and multiplies the success!

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Microsoft SharePoint Team Site Development

  • Custom Lists

    Custom lists are used to share information in the way you want with your team members.

  • Custom Libraries

    Custom libraries are used to store, organize, sync, and share documents with people.

  • Custom Views

    Custom views are used to connect content and provide each user with a custom dashboard.

  • Calendars

    Calendars can be customized to manage upcoming meetings, deadlines or other events.

  • Discussion Boards

    Discussion boards are used to manage discussion threads in a news group style.

  • Contact Lists

    Contact lists are a list of people your team works with, like customers or partners.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

hold accountability for your data and files


Perhaps the most important result of accountability is trust, which is essential in any relationship. When your team members know, they are accountable for something they must be willing to make commitments and be responsible for their own actions because they affect your whole team. Start holding yourself and your team accountable with a custom SharePoint Team Site and reach your business goals.

Empowering Teamwork

a team using OneDrive for business to work on a project together

OneDrive For Business

If your organization is currently using OneDrive online to store your files you're in luck, you will be able to access your SharePoint files without leaving OneDrive. Any SharePoint sites you follow will appear in your OneDrive in a list located under the name of your organization.

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a team of people collaborating on a project with a SharePoint Team Site

Project Collaboration

Project collaboration is essential to any serious business. Building on a foundation of poor teamwork will quickly destabilize a work environment. Combating this with a custom SharePoint Team Site is an innovative and positive way for professionals to distribute data and promote healthy communication throughout any project.

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SharePoint Security and Permissions

manage office 365 with centralized administrations

Centralized Administrations

Security is not something taken lightly by Microsoft and that's why one of the greatest strengths of a custom SharePoint Team Site is the endless capabilities of the sites security and the permissions of the site users. As the site administrator, you will be able to identify who has access to the site by sending them an invitation to join.

That means the SharePoint team site we create will only be accessible by people within your organization.

Additionally, you can give individual users different permissions based on their position within your organization. Giving you the ability to only give particular people access to certain site pages, document libraries, lists, ect.