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Office 365 Management and Setup

  • Worry Less

    Stop worrying about if your businesses software is up to date or if it will work at all and start focusing on issues that will make you more money.

  • Work Easier

    Running your business has never been easier, with Office 365 you'll have access to everything you need to get your work done anytime, anywhere.

  • Work Together

    Office 365 is an innovative and positive way for professionals to distribute data and promote healthy communication throughout any project.

Re-imagine the way you do business
online and offline with Microsoft 365!

Plans & Pricing

What Comes With Office 365

Office 365 applications icon

Office Applications

Once we set up your office 365 accounts they'll have access to download the full desktop version of the following most recent Microsoft Office Desktop apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote. These programs can be installed on up to 5 PC's or Mac computer per user account.

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Mobile Apps

When you purchase an Office 365 account you are purchasing the freedom and comparability of a working from anywhere. You will have the same amazing experience you have come to know and expect from Microsoft with all the familiar Microsoft Office programs on up to 5 tablets and mobile phones per user.

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OneDrive cloud logo


OneDrive for Business and Office 365 make it much easier for your employees to share, collaborate, and manage work files from anywhere. Microsoft has designed OneDrive for your business but included best in class security and management tools to protect your data, while making sure your files are easily accessible.

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Microsoft Outlook

It doesn't matter if you're a b2b or b2c company chances are your employees heavily rely on emailing one another and your clients to do their job. With so much time spent emailing it only makes sense to invest in an email software that will give your employees the most reliable, integrated, and updated business class emailing platform.

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Skype For Business Logo

Skype For Business

Start hosting online meetings with your team members and clients. Skype offers high definition video and audio conferencing and messaging software for businesses. Each office 365 user in your organization can have their own personal work skype number and have the ability to accept and create and manage their own meetings that syncs fluidly with their Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

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SharePoint is a gold mine designed to build Content Management Systems (CMS) that will scale with your business as you grow. As your business grows so will your need for a systems that will simplify and streamline your business processes. SharePoint developers like ourselves partner with Microsoft to custom build these systems to help you grow by maximizing efficiency and automating where possible.

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Our Job: Make Your Office 365 Transition Smooth

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration

Depending on the size of your business, how many users you have, and how critical eliminating down time is, it can be a real headache trying to create and migrate users to Office 365. Luckily for you we have experienced it all and have the resources and knowledge to assist, advise, and perform throughout your entire transition to ensure your businesses transition to Office 365 goes smoothly.

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Moving your business to the cloud with Office 365

Office 365 Set up

An important part of YouNoWeNo setting up Office 365 for your business is planning. We will start by determining if you want to move to Office 365 all at once or in stages. Next, we will set up each employee's Office 365 for business account so they can download all the office programs, including Skype for Business. Once installed we will set up their email accounts, configure settings for users and move content to Cloud.

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Make your business processes flow more smoothly
with the help of YouNoWeNo and Microsoft 365 For Business!

Plans & Pricing

Office 365 Management

YouNoWeNo setting up Office 365

Outsource your Office 365 Management to a Microsoft Partner.

Don't spend yours or your employee's valuable time researching and planning your businesses Office 365 setup. When you could work with an experienced microsoft partnered team like YouNoWeNo. Outsourcing your Office 365 setup to YouNoWeNo can be especially beneficial if you have advanced requirements that may require careful attention and planning (like the moving of files to Office 365 cloud storage or integrating with other software).

When we setup Office 365 for your business we plan for everything including, file storage and migration, Skype for Business, email migration and downtime, and integration with Active Directory and/or other software.

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Office 365 Videos

Scale Your Business With Microsoft 365

All young businesses are driven by their passion and desire for growth. But they fail to realize that there is a right way and wrong way to scale a company. There are no shortcut to success, but there are steps that will scale your company and help you get there. To scale a business, you must do things that don’t scale. Office 365 is an investment into your company’s foundation. It will increasing the efficiency of your business model which will scale your business.

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Office 365 Security

Your data is critical to your business and so is your need to keep that data secure. Office 365 has been built using the defense-in-depth approach which gives 365 users’ data, layers of physical and logical security features. Finally have peace of mind knowing that you have guaranteed 99.9% service availability and 24/7 access to professional help and support with Office.

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